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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  September 7, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. welcome. i'm allen martin. the fate of three schools in richmond is hanging in the balance. the city council is considering closing them next year. it's going to vote on it tonight. anne makovec at one of the affected schools, kennedy high school in richmond. the question is: will they find a way to save it and the
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others tonight? anne? >> reporter: fate unknown. kennedy high school here behind me right now. one of three schools with 2,000 students that could be redistributed to other area schools if the city council doesn't vote to save them tonight. >> good morning. come on, let's go, the first bell rings. >> they are making a big mistake if they close this school down. >> reporter: but that's the plan unless the city bales out the school district. it's a precarious situation for the parents and students. >> our school is improving. we have a lot of new furniture and stuff. there are people who want our school to stay open like parents, staff, teachers. >> reporter: kennedy high school and two elementaries, olinda and grant, the wes contra costa school board says there is no choice, they are on the chopping block. >> the state of california has put all school districts in a bad way. >> reporter: the schools are i
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richmond. the only hope, from the city. most councilmembers are in support. >> the health of the city and value of property in the city depends on schools. >> reporter: the city is already committed to helping keep them open pledging 1.5 million last year. now they need another 1 1/2 million dollars for next year. in this age of budget deficits, a councilmember also running for mayor is concerned. >> west contra costa unified school district has been known for misspending. they have to get their act together. and that they can't keep looking at richmond as an atm machine. >> reporter: the city does have some extra cash though, thanks tie settlement with chevron over tax. and the city does have something to gain with capital partnerships like this swim center that the school board would help fund. >> it's like a win-win thing. it's a total symbiotic relationship. >> i'm not overly comfortable because we have a lot of other projects and programs that this money can be used for. >> reporter: but the board says when it comes to schools,
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there's a lot at stake. >> are we going to mix rival gangs and have people in the schools that may cause problems and then cause the culture to change and really create situations and scenarios that we don't want to see happen? >> reporter: even if the city council agrees to pay the $1.5 million to keep the schools open next year, that's all it's going to do. they are going to need to find other funding sources for the future and the school board and the city council are getting together to talk about potentially putting something on the ballot next november. >> we'll follow tonight's vote here on cbs 5. thank you, anne makovec in richmond. some papers have been found that say they are looking for the correct trash pile, frederick sales disappeared after his father was murdered. efren valdemoro is suspected of killing the elderly sales, along with his old girlfriend, as well as two vallejo women.
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police shot and killed valdemoro after a high-speed chase. today is the fifth straight day of searching that pittsburg landfill. today san francisco water utility will unveil a proposal to build the city's first large- scale water recycling project. the $152 million facility near ocean beach would filter 2 million gallons of sewer and stormwater each day. that water would be used at golden gate park, the presidio golf course and lincoln park and would help reduce the city's dependence on the hetch hetchy reservoir near yosemite. right now bay area cities draw 265 million gallons a day from that reservoir. hewlett-packard is filing a lawsuit to prevent ex-ceo mark hurd to work for oracle. he received a huge severance package after a sexual harassment investigation. just yesterday it was announced that hurd will become oracle's co-president and board member.
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oracle's ceo larry ellison has been a strong defend your of hurd ever since the scandal erupted. oracle and hp are fierce competitors. the lawsuit is filed in california state court. now, any bart rider is going to tell you riding the trains can be noisy to say the least. >> it's almost ear shattering. i have to wear ear plugs all the time. >> the "san francisco chronicle" surveyed all 208 miles of bart tracks with a sound level meter finding noise levels can reach 200 decibels at some point the equivalent of a jackhammer. >> when it comes to the final stop your ipod is up so loud it's blasting and can't hear what station you're at. so you miss it. >> you get pretty ridiculous in the tunnels that could just -- the whole screaming and screeching is pretty ridiculous. >> the loudest spot on bart is the transbay tube heading westbound. and the ride is nearly as loud eastbound between glen park and
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24th streets mission stations. the quietest ride southbound at hayward station came in at 37 decibels. the 73 decibels. a study named the system the quitest in the country. a man who had the whole bay area watching him yesterday says he is not done scaling buildings. dan goodwin from north lake tahoe climbed the millennium tower in san francisco on labor day. he calls himself "skyscraperman" or spider dan. he is trying to raise the awareness of cancer and terrorism to skyscrapers. >> i felt like it was my moral obligation to do something about it because i feel that our country is really vulnerable to another attack. and that's why i climbed. hey, look, i'm not a terrorist. don't worry about me, i'm not going to commit suicide. this is about something much higher than that. doing it for all the cancer survivors out there all the
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people fighting for cancer, i wanted to be the rallying call. >> it took goodwin 3.5 hours to reach the top and police were waiting. they arrested him. he received two misdemeanor citations. he says he will climb again, but not saying where. the president with new plans to battle the recession. who gets tax breaks in hopes of giving the economy a much- needed jolt. and perhaps the most famous flight attendant in the world, what the former jetblue employee agreed to do to avoid jail time. hi, i'm meterologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. it was so nice around the bay area yesterday. but look what's moved in. yeah, the fog and low clouds are back. just what does that mean for your temperatures? we'll talk about that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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campaigns to prevent democrats from losing control of congress. rown explains th president obama is touting new plans to revive the economy as he campaigns to keep democrats from losing control of congress. joel brown reports. reporter: >> reporter: president obama wants to give businesses tax breaks. companies would save about $200 billion over two years. >> i am going to keep fighting every, single day, every, single hour, every, single minute to turn this economy around! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: supporters say it would give companies more money to spend allowing them to hire new workers and bring down unemployment. but with midterm elections two months away, any new proposals from the president are likely to run into stiff opposition in congress. lawmakers won't be back at work until next week. but republicans are already fighting. the top republican in the house blasted both the new proposal and the plan the president announced monday to spend more
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money on infrastructure as the wrong medicine. he put out a statement saying they don't address the two big problems that are hurting our economy, excessive government spending and the uncertainty that washington democrats' policies, especially their massive tax hikes, are creating for small businesses. what republicans call a tax hike is the expiration of tax cuts from the bush days. democrats call them a gift to the wealthy, a gift they say the economy can no longer afford. the president will announce details on wednesday, setting the stage for a new round of skirmishes in congress. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. the former flight attendant for jetblue who cursed out a passenger then slid down the emergency chute may be able to avoid jail time. steven slater appeared in court today in new york. he has agreed to undergo a mental health evaluation. he may qualify for alternative sentencing that involves community service and counseling. the district attorney says slater now appears to be taking
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seriously these charges against him including criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. well, keeping businesses afloat. >> i really needed that money. and it was one of the types of positions. >> the type of loan helping bay area companies grow. it's more common in developing countries than here. clouds are returning to parts of the bay area right now and you know what? we are even starting to see some drizzle. look at that on the lens there. we'll talk about that and your forecast next. ,,,,,,
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whoo, stock prices doing what our temperatures have done and you obviously have been outside because you're wearing the coat. you must be cold. chilly out there around the bay area today. yesterday, temperatures well into the 90s. today we're starting to pick up some drizzle and fog. hey, how about a place to go to the beach? >> no. >> not too many people out there today. a lot of people out there yesterday. it was a gorgeous labor day but things have changed in the past 24 hours. still seeing sunshine in the interior valleys, haze in the distance and plenty of
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sunshine in the valleys but it will be more comfortable in the afternoon. high temperatures today: more on the way for tomorrow. a lot of cloud cover overnight. drizzle continues damp morning as we head in toward early morning tomorrow. temperatures even cooler. something we didn't see yesterday, marine layer, low clouds and fog pushing onshore overnight and continues to track onshore now. temperatures impressive. yesterday it was 95 in livermore. 38 san jose, 91 san rafael, san francisco 84. san francisco a good 21 degrees cooler with high of 63 degrees. pretty impressive drop over the past 24 hours. temperatures like this:
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so as we look toward the next couple of days, we are going to watch the temperatures crumble around the bay area. taking a big nosedive, we'll see places lucky to get into the 70s tomorrow afternoon in the hot spots. thursday and friday, temperatures warm up aby . your next weekend looking good. maybe a little bit below normal but still, we'll try to squeeze in a little bit of sunshine and a mixture of low clouds and fog. what a difference, just 24 hours ago we had all that sunshine at the coast, hot temperatures, now drizzle and clouds. >> thank you. i'm going to get my coat. >> yup. >> thank you. small businesses are turning to a new source of money these days. when banks won't lend them the cash, microlenders are the ones who are stepping in.
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jeremy's business i smoking. hard work and a type of loan more common than in developing countries than in the u.s. he got a $10,000 microloan to help him grow emergency barbecue from a mobile stand to a store that sit alongside highway 101 in san carlos. >> i really needed that money and it was one of those types of positions where either you get it and you succeed or if you don't, there is the potential that it can bring the entire business down. >> reporter: he also hired four more employees to serve up all that beef, chicken and pork. >> sort of the jewels or diamonds in the rough that, you know, the sort of mainstream system isn't investing in. >> reporter: eric weaver is the founder of opportunity fund, a local lend their helps small businesses grow or upgrade. >> they are designed to help people who don't have access to conventional credit which would be really mainly bank loans. >> bank loans, all kinds of businesses, we have increased
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green lending... >> reporter: microloans typically range from $500 to $100,000. interest rates are about what banks charge for business loans. right now 8%. >> applying for a loan is easy and friendly with us. if there are people who thought i would never be able to get a business loan, banks don't want to talk to me, check us out. >> reporter: loan applications are simple. approval usually takes less than a week. the opportunity fund says the repayment rate is close to 90%, more than double that for traditional small business loans. it's a recipe for success for jeremy sours, who hopes to open a bigger restaurant with a brewpub and, of course, that famous barbecue. >> everything here is really good. >> really hungry for lunch now... for more information on microloans, go to if you have a consumer problem, call our hotline, 1-888-5-helps- u. still to come, this month's student rising above. a young man using his parents'
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>> reporter: the shaky home video shows a little boy on a trip to cambodia. sumat lam's are these are the images that stuck in his mind. >> i was shocked. i had no words to describe what i was seeing. the things they were wearing, holes torn, torn shoes, rags, everything. >> reporter: it could have been him. sumat began to understand the history in his bones and how far his parents journeyings to give their children a new life. >> i wanted to show my parents gratitude for what they were able to do for me and i see that ultimate way of showing gratitude is excel in education. >> reporter: which he does taking college level classes. sumat lam graduated pittsburg
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high this year with a 4.56 gpa, better than perfect. >> sometimes i have to remind myself that he is a student because i think of him as another teacher. >> reporter: teacher andy kaiser recruited him for his student i.t. team, maintaining the school computers. >> got to log off, get back on the pyro tech. >> whenever there is a difficult problem one that maybe i even don't know how to solve i'll put him on the case. he will research it and go online and figure out what the issue is and teach me a thing or two. >> what did you get in the last class? >> reporter: it was also his willingness to help others that made sumat different. and adept. >> he does have that sense that he has gone through a lot of struggles and that made him -- you know, that's formed the person that he is. >> reporter: the struggle started even before he was born. his parents met while escaping the killing fields of cambodia, more than 1.5 million people killed. they saw things. >> mm-hm. and what -- just the emotion that they feel, you know, that
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they are trying to hide, so strong that i feel it. >> reporter: his parents never talk about it but they lost a father, uncle, aunt, brother, cousin, brother-in-law, sister- in-law. >> you want to be able to, you know, ease their pain as you grow up. and i don't know -- i'm at a loss at how to do that for them. >> reporter: in the united states, they have scraped by month to month, especially after his dad injured his spine and couldn't work. sumat often worried, could they pay the rent, would he be able to go to college? >> i grew up with nothing but i have the opportunity to get past that and get something out of life. >> he really has that attitude where he wants to make a difference. and years from now, i want to follow and see what he is
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doing. >> reporter: this fall, suma it slam begins college at stanford university. >> opportunity is what it's all b if you would like to help students like sue matt go to college, make a donation to students rising above scholarship fund. find a link on >> he is teaching the teachers. >> what a great kid. >> that's it for our noon newscast. see you at 5:00. we're always on caption colorado, l.l.c. ,,,,
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